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Up coming map changes ...

So will we get something in the way of a storey mission to explain the new layout of the map ...

A shift in the contanent ... Anything that's not just log out and log in and oh look everything has magically changed

Give us something ... Or at least a conversation we can over here so the NPC can share their theories on what happened even if just for *** n giggles
Edited by SugaComa on September 25, 2018 6:18PM
  • NirnStorm
    The RP is stronk with this one.

    I'd rather they work on improving performance and reducing lag than give us ingame explanations for map changes.
    Edited by NirnStorm on September 26, 2018 9:21AM
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  • SugaComa
    To be honest ... I couldn't care about RP ... I just like it when I hear weird *** from NPC ...

    Imagine at Alexia and the prisoner at the front gate goes ... "It was easier to escape before they moved the bridge"

    It would give long term players a little chuckle and new players after the patch would be like ... What the ***'s he on about
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