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Puzzle Quests

Soul Shriven
I just finished A Grave Matter after wandering into Bangkorai, and it was possibly my favourite quest so far, despite its short duration, just from the joy of actually having solved a puzzle. The feeling of puzzling over the riddle for a few minutes then finding that clue that makes the whole thing fall into place is amazing, and now I need to know if there are any similar quests around, and if so, which are your favourites?
  • VaranisArano
    Ebon Stadimont in the Summerset main quest has a decent one.

    There's a steam pipe puzzle in Clockwork City,

    Orsinium has one in the public dungeon involving the clan seals.

    The puzzles in this game aren't amazing, but its a far cry from "match the whale/snake/eagle/bear/fox/dragon symbols" type puzzles we saw in Skyrim.
  • RD065
    I like the puzzles I wish they had more.
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