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Things it would be great to have fixed!

First, the rebalance on crafting writs appears to have fixed the perennial problem of running out of jute, supplies of which at one time were scarcer than ancestor silk, which is great, thank you vey much ZOS.

But, there is still space for a few tweaks...

1. Clothier writs are still biased heavily towards ancestor silk use rather than rubedo leather, and this bias extends all the way down the scale. It needs to be much more like 50:50. Clothier surveys could be adjusted to provide much less rubedo leather, but this would then cause rubedo leather to become scarce instead. The solution would appear to be to rebalance the writs system so that it makes equal demands on both materials and provides equal amounts through surveys. Other drains on materials are so highly player dependent that it would be difficult to take account of them, but since the writs/surveys are mutually interdependent (i.e. do no writs, get no surveys) then syncing their inputs and outputs would only seem to be common sense.

2. Enchanter writs only ever seem to requests health, magicka, or stamina runes. Since there are so many other common runes, can we up the number of requests to involve 6, or even 9? I have hundreds of some runes, that never get used for anything, yet am perpetually running out of Oku.

3. Jewelry.... ZOS should be well aware of the issues this forum has with grains/plating. Platings for making anything other than fine quality are laughably scarce, and the average earthling may not have a long enough lifespan ever to see a chromium plating.

4. The whole area of master writs needs to be revisited if the system is to do anything but gather dust. Provisioner master writs scarcely ever drop, and then are for two tokens. I don’t have so much of a problem with them being scarce, as with them being so unrewarding, because they generally ask for use of recipes/ingredients which are in themselves extremely rare. Jewelry master writs are impractical owing to the grains/plating FUBAR. Clothier writs involving ancestor silk... please return to point 1. Blacksmith, enchanting, alchemy and woodwork writs are somewhat better prospects, but the token rewards are tiny in comparison to the amount of scarce materials and effort required to execute the writ. I accept that that there are master writs that bring much greater rewards, but they are extremely uncommon. There is no real middle ground between master writs returning 5 tokens on execution, and those returning 80 or more. Dropping the 2 token writs and introducing a 25 token layer would be a good solution.

5. When a master writ is turned in, the choice of rewards to spend one’s tokens on is not enough to make me exactly pant with excitement. The rewards need to be broadened and should include more unique and attractive items that cannot be got any other way. I forget what they are called, but the proxy crafting stations that can be bought with tokens are a brilliant idea.

If I build a character to run dungeons, I can get head and shoulder sets (admittedly mostly eyesores) that cannot be found except by running dungeons, and ZOS have been very good about not making these available through the Crown Store. Developing top level crafters at present does not have that kind of reward available to it, and yet it is just as difficult to develop a top level crafter as it is to breed a veteran dungeon build (or a good PVP build, for that matter). I may be alone in this, but I actually enjoy the crafting aspect of the game as much as I do adventuring, and if it allowed me to make my characters and their homes even more tasteful, then I would count it as time well spent.
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    Actually, I get provisioning writs fairly regularly (note, however, that I have 15 characters running the provisioning at master level). I can also say that there are 2 specific types of master writs for provisioning that are guaranteed to drop 40 vouchers each: Ozorga's smoked bear haunch, and psijic ambrosia. Likewise, Enchanting writs can occasionally become quite valuable, provided it's a legendary one using hakeijo. Jewelry is the only one i'm really struggling to get mats for. And, most likely, that will be a problem for a while. I'll also admit that I'm buying attunable tables, so I use a lot of vouchers. Hopefully that won't be for too much longer (30 more jewelry ones to buy, and then the 3 new complete sets coming with the new dlc). I imagine, though, that I'll be able to play around with buying furnishing plans with them again in the not so distant future. They aren't so bad, but it does take figuring out how you want to do them.

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