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Summerset population second era

I was just watching the latest ESO live stream for the Summerfall event. The developer was explaining the presence of many ruins in Sunmerset being due to dramatic population loss during the Interregnum. He also described the Interregnum as the lowest point in Tamriel civilisation.

While I am aware the second era was a time of upheaval on mainland Tamriel and can imagine population loss. I had never read it also affecting Summerset, which was closed to outsiders during the second age. Has this ever been explained in previous lore? I don’t think I have read anything about the second age being a low point in Altmer / Summerset civilisation.

As an aside I don’t mind the presence of ruins in Summerset and actually feel it suits the Altmer that they would keep the ruins as reminders of thier past rather than necessarily rebuild them. Just not sure of the explanation.

The live stream was interesting in terms of lore.
  • VaranisArano
    I can sort of see it. Ayrenn has to be pulling her Altmer troops in Cyrodiil from somewhere, and its clearly not just Auridon.
  • Prinseth
    Thrassian Plague, Maormer and Sload invasions, and the Three Banners War.
  • crjs1
    That makes sense totally forgot about the Thrassisn Plauge, and just did the Corgrad quest couple weeks ago!
  • Eporem
    The Planemeld would have affected Summerset as well I believe

    Edited by Eporem on September 22, 2018 12:06AM
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