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Can not login..also can not create ticket

Soul Shriven
Currently each time I try to log in on Xbox na I get an unexpected internal area..when I attempted to login to create a ticket i was told my living was invalid...when I tried to reset my password it asked me a different security question than the ones I set up.

Any help would be appreciated
  • Jayne_Doe
    I'm getting this same error. Tried 3 times. Also tried on another XB, same thing. I'm on the NA server.
  • Elrinthil
    Edited by Elrinthil on November 26, 2018 1:12AM
  • MRusso89
    Same issue here.
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  • KennisMenace
    I had the same error but kept on trying and finally logged in and started up the game.
  • sevomd69
    took me 10+ times...then when I finally got in I got kicked to home screen...
  • KennisMenace
    I tried to log in and start the game after taking a break for an hour or so and cant, the hell with this screwed up game ,all they care about are releasing new dlcs as fast as they can and the crown store without doing anything about the bugs in the game and now cant even log in to play, time to leave eso,this game is just too frustrating when there are so many better games out there.
  • Plazadearmas
    Same issue here... would be great if they at least acknowledge the issue
  • ZOS_Bill
    We are aware of this issue and currently investigating as posted here.
    Edited by ZOS_Bill on September 12, 2018 2:46PM
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  • LadyDestiny
    Having this issue as well. Just want to at least do my daily log in reward.
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