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Looking for a Beta reader

After delaying things for god knows how long (lots of edits to backstories, writers block, flip-flopping on what weapons and such the characters will use), I've finally gotten a solid start on the story I want to tell with my characters, and figured out how to organize my thoughts for it.

One of each race, 10 complete strangers from all across Tamriel all forced to work together to reclaim their souls and put an end to the Planemeld; two of each class, both sexes covered equally. The only thing left I need is a beta reader. Soon as that's worked out, I'm hoping the two of us can create something spectacular to be posted both here and on, and make it well beloved enough that even the devs might take notice of it. I've discussed a few of my characters with LadyN herself, and some fellow players, and received positive feedback.

To give you all an idea of what I'm going to be writing, the first three or so chapters will be prologues, showcasing the characters personalities, their goals in life, and their personal lives, and how they got sent to captured by the worm cult in the first place.

Avoiding spoilers, here's the basic characters descriptions, starting with the Ebonheart Pact:

A Dunmer peasant of House Dres, looking to raise herself and her family up the social ladder through her mastery of magic.

A Nord from a mighty clan of Eastmarch, born as the runt of the litter, more at home in the wilds than with his own blood.

An Argonian mercenary with a love of slaughter, cheery manner, a shadowy past...and all the subtlety of a brick. You'll recognize him by the great sword strapped to his back, and the mildly disturbing grin on his face. :smiley:

Onto the Aldmeri Dominion:

An Altmer patriot, clad in steel, and with a temper as fiery as her passion.

A Khajiit mage veteran, scarred by forces beyond his control, and a plan to deal with ANY threat he sees.

A Bosmer of the order of Stendarr, quiet as a mouse, and rigid in her adherence to her code.

Finally, the Daggerfall covenent:

An orc raised in ignorance, the world of Tamriel a book for her to open, and a cool wind to push her along.

A Redguard thief, beautiful as she is dangerous, and as aloof an ally as you can get.

A Breton priest of the Eight Divines, home never far from his heart, and struggling to find himself.

Lastly, independent of them all:

An Imperial of Chorrol, frustrated by an unambitious lineage, in way over his head.

(yes, I know you HAVE to choose an alliance in the game, but that's why its called 'taking liberties with source material. He's technically on the Covenant side in the actual game, but will not be tied to any of the alliances in the story.)


...But in all seriousness, A beta reader would be EXTREMELY helpful, and I'd be extremely grateful for it.
  • xylus289_ESO
    The Dunmer one seems like it makes sense. I see them in other parts of Tamriel, but mostly recall them in EP area.

    Same with the Nord, considering he loves the great outdoors and crisp air of Skyrim so much that he just can't get enough of it, so I dont see him traveling far from home with the exception of Wrothgar or other snow areas, at least until he recent events of the plane-meld of course.

    Argonian merc sounds pretty sweet. It also would make sense that there would be some Argonian who assert their freedom elsewhere than the province of Morrowind or even close to the border where Black Marsh and the province of Morrowind begin. It has a dark history of bloodshed topped onto slavery and racism. Unless you are there to protect your brethren, it seems like a lot of Argonian would flee the area to get away from Dunmer.

    Altmer, sounds about right.

    Hmm I haven't read a lot about the Khajiit, but from my experience they tend to be nomadic and roam the lands of Tamriel in groups together(it could be breed specific or specific to events happening in their homeland, not sure). With that being said, any race who was born in their homeland may always stick to it and not wonder.

    They all seem pretty standard, not super special sounding than other people (a good thing). A lot of people write their characters to be that special hero person, but it's cool to see that you do have A LOT of basic characters to develop a story rather than have an epic story already.
    I like it and I'd like to say, is if you have the Imperial upgrade, any race can be any faction. But, that's if you want any of your characters to have left there homeland at some point or were even born somewhere else.

    If you really want diversity I'd switch a race or two out of their normal faction. Maybe their parents fled from their homeland when you were a baby or maybe you weren't supposed to happen and left in the swamps of Black Marsh or whatever you decide.

    I love the idea of RP and have done a little. I'm not sure if you RP, but if you want to I'd play along in a story arc if you have one. I personally like being apart of someone else's story that hasn't been told. It's always exciting to see how it unfolds.

    I also have minor brief backstory for my main character and I am working on brief descriptions of my own as well for some first time alternate characters.
    If you would like to add me; @HailstoSithis or my character name(not sure if adding only characters is a thing) Hails-to-Sithis
    Also, I don't like spoilers personally, so you don't have to worry about me ruining the game for you. I don't use addons to make it easier to find stuff, so I wouldnt be exposing you to rushing/power-leveling. I take my time and just do whatever is fun in the moment or with friends.

    Hail Sithis! ;)
  • ChrisGoesAFK
    Quick questions:
    1. “The only thing left I need is a beta reader. Soon as that's worked out, I'm hoping the two of us can create something spectacular to be posted both here and on, and make it well beloved enough that even the devs might take notice of it. “

    It’s been my experience having been a beta reader that I read through an authors work and provide feedback. Given the above statement it reads like you are looking more for a co-author. Is that the case?

    2. Can you post the story outside of ESO forums (

    3. I do not know LadyN? Is this someone in the RP community or a mod?

    Edited by ChrisGoesAFK on September 12, 2018 9:11PM
  • wolfsilver
    To clarify, I'm looking for someone who can keep an eye on spelling, grammar, characterization consistency (taking into account character growth/development), and lore consistency.
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