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Hi all. Just purchased the Warden class last night and wanted some information about them. What role does a Warden play the best (healer, tank, melee, or ranged/caster)? Do they do better using magika or stamina? I don't have the werewolf DLC yet so there's that as well.
  • Enkil
    In PvP, Wardens are very versatile and do very well as ranged Druid type healer, Icy Tank, CC Destruction mage, super fast Stam builds, and other roles as well. (Not sure about PvE where groups have expectations)
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  • gamer559
    I was looking for a PvE insight. I haven't done any PvP on any of my characters in ESO at all.
  • Waffennacht
    Well if you're looking at 4-man dungeons (normal to vet dlc) all roles can be done well with a warden.

    You can do trials fine with a warden; your issue would come into play with specific guilds and high scoring runs.

    I had an easier time hitting over 30k dps with a warden than a sorc (bear)

    My tank is a warden and is my go to for DLC vet dungeons

    I do not run as a healer but have read good things

    Edit: I prefer mag dps over Stam dps however both will work fine
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  • Krayl
    Unless you're doing vet trials and more specifically, score runs then Warden can fill any role (as can any class really).

    My warden is a healer and I've just started running with it, but you bring a lot of utility to a group with one. With just a few skills you can greatly increase the output, sustain, and survivability of your group and in trials they synergize very nicely with templars.
  • Marshmallowfluf

    In my opinion, Magicka DPS is the role wardens are best at playing.

    On Warden Healing:
    The physical location of you in relation to your group is very important to warden healing which makes them hard to play in dungeons, especially with random players. A Templar can breath of life one person and the secondary heal will heal someone directly behind them nine miles away. That's too big an advantage, in my opinion, not to be a Templar healer.

    On Warden Tanking:
    You can buff resistances of the team, reducing the damage the team takes, which is cool. However, a DK can spam damage shields on the team, making them take no damage. Heck, even a very good Templar tank will spam repentance as adds die to AE group heal the team, all the time, for free, resulting in little or no damage that the healer will need to heal on trash pulls. But with buffed resistances, the team still takes damage and will still need to be healed.

    On Warden Stamina DPS:
    These can be very strong. However, I would argue that since fetcher infection is a really good warden DPS ability and both morphs are magicka based morphs, you would rather be magicka so you can use it. Winter's Revenge, their ice AE dot, is also only based on magicka. Well magicka or the max health morph, but I don't think any stamina DPS are stacking health.

    On Warden Magicka DPS:
    This is the best choice in my opinion. Magicka nightblades are slightly better for DPS, but magicka wardens are also very strong and easier to play. Especially since, like nightblades, they can also run the Master Architect set with the very cheap bear ultimate to buff the team's DPS. People will love you if you do this in trials. The downside is that you will have to learn when to call off your bear at times. Still, doing that is probably easier than a magblade rotation.

    I hope you find this helpful.
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