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How do I switch from physical to digital?


I have the Morrowind physical edition and I bought the Summerset digital upgrade. My PS4 is having issues with the disc player sometimes. I know I need to delete the game from my PS4 first, but what edition do I buy on the store. Do I just buy the 19.99 version and then log in to my account and it will download everything. I have eso plus.
  • susmitds
    I believe that you should get everything by simply buying the cheapest available version. Note that, I don't play PS4 but that's how it works in Steam where I simply bought the base game and after linking my Beta account with everything on it, I have all the DLCs and unlockables of that account.
  • Lyss1991
    You have to purchase the base edition digital, Delete your currently installed physical copy from your console, And reinstall from digital copy. All your content and progress is safe on ESO Servers :)
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  • bri5
    That is what I thought, Thanks for the help!
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