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Is there any Must Have addons ?

Soul Shriven

New to the game, wanting to know if there is/are any addons that will help with the playability/gameplay/enjoyment in ESO.

Open to all suggestions.

Thanks !

  • Ydrisselle
    Well, there are addons which makes it easier for some aspects of the game, like the places of the skyshards and lorebooks, or quality of life addons which revise certain UI elements like the guild stores... What kind of changes do you like in your interface?
  • Lieblingsjunge
    Depends what your goal is.

    QuestTracker is nice if you wanna complete every quest as you go by, not explore yourself.

    PublicDungeonChampion shows you location of every public dungeon / delve boss.

    MapPins are helpful regarding Points of Interests(related to achievements and quests), you can easily change what Filters you want on your map visible.

    Some people are running a MiniMap, although I never saw the fun in it.

    If you're PvPing, there's a few Add-Ons that help you:
    Miat's CC-tracker: Tracks cc on you and other dangerous abilities you should consider dodging.
    CyrHUD: Tracks which keeps are under attack, resources are flipping etc.
    PapaCrown & Exterminatur Group Leader if you wanna follow your leader more efficiently.
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  • danno8
    A fellow a few threads down from you just compiled this very good list that is in line with most of my own addon selections.
  • Sedaiikyn
    Soul Shriven
    Wow.. thanks!
  • SilverWF
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  • qbit
    AwesomeGuildStore is must have. Several others are too depending on your style of play. Anything that puts stuff on the map is good. Lorebooks and Skyshards and Destinations (but it lacks some map icons for the newer stuff).

    I use Serrendar (spelling) as a UI mod for combat.

    CombatMetrics is good to analyze your DPS.

    HarvestMap is also important if you want to easily find random node spawns. I keep it off on the map and all chests/mat nodes as the floating 3D pins. So it doesn’t kill my performance or clutter my map but I get big floating icons over areas I should check while running around. Bind two keys to toggle the map and pin display.

    CraftStore Fixed is essential if you craft and want to track research across multiple toons and get a nice UI for enchanting and provisioning crafting.

    That addon author also recommends a similar mod for alchemy that overhauls that crafting system.

    Tamriel Trade Center and Master Merchant are also important. But do take time to understand the differences. Their data should align in a perfect world but it’s important to understand why they don’t align sometimes if you’re planning on doing a lot of trading. (TTC is crowd sourced price listing data and some sales data. MM is in-depth sales history data but only available from guild history of those guilds you are a member of so it’s only going to be useful if you are in several big trade guilds, and the difference between real sales data versus crowd sourced price listing should be obvious to someone playing a market). I use both for their different info but I see in zone chat many don’t realize the difference between the two addons.

    That’s all I can think of. It helps to install that popular addon manager I don’t recall the name of and sort by number of downloads. Those are your most popular addons.
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  • Sedaiikyn
    Soul Shriven
  • Luigi_Vampa
    Dolgubon's Lazy Writ Crafter is the best add-on if you do crafting writs. It automatically makes the items needed for the Writ. Huge time saver. I wouldn't do writs without it.
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  • Davor
    I use a mini map. I find it a must. One of the major reasons why I came back to PC from Xbox One. I need my mini map. I dont know, I just find it so annoying going to map mode to see where I am. Maybe I am just so use to most games having a mini map that I can't live without it now.
  • RD065
    Davor wrote: »
    I use a mini map. I find it a must. One of the major reasons why I came back to PC from Xbox One. I need my mini map. I dont know, I just find it so annoying going to map mode to see where I am. Maybe I am just so use to most games having a mini map that I can't live without it now.

    I like a mini map too.
  • Gythral
    No Thank You (continued)

    Removes almost all the ego trips and adverts...
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  • Aurelle1
    Minimap is essential if you are used to one in other games. If you haven't used a minimap before, then try it out and you will probably discover that you can't live without it too.

    Of course there will always be those who think it ruins immersion and clutters up the UI (not if you place it neatly in a corner). And that is why the sensible way to handle it would be to have it toggled in controls.
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