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Could the sorcerer pet summons be changed to insta cast?

I like playing my sorcerer as a healer but it can be costly if you don't realize your pet is dead and you go to use the heal... It might make them a bit more useful in pvp as well... Also is there an add-on that informs you when your pet dies? Is there something that people use to keep track of it?
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  • E7216
    Wrong part of the forums mate.

    As for the add-on, I don't know. Have you tried S'rendarr?
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  • Drummerx04
    You just want to know whether your pet is dead?
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  • Baertram
    Ther was also another addon called Pet Health but due to some ignorant users complaining about changes the author did "for free to his own addon" he decided to remove the addon from esoui.
    Consequent behaviour as he told them before to read the manual, what they didn't do. Sad but true, humans are sometimes that dumb :-1:

    Thanks guys... Maybe think before you ink next time!
  • Beardimus
    Firstly, pets being a one bar toggle would be sweet. We'll more a summon till they die so you don't need then on 2-3 bars.

    Second, this type of stuff shouldn't be add on. It should be base. Pet health mini bars top left would be sweet for all
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  • Baertram
    Write to Zos ingame via /bug, all of you. I've done already severla times -)
    Maybe the mass will change it.
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