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Login UI for Console

NB; Unsure if posted in the correct sub category...

But after Wolf Hunter dropped on XB1/PS4 yesterday, Upon logging in I noticed that my Champion points had moved from the bottom left of the screen to each individual character – It had changed from showing ‘level 50’ to its current Champion Rank.

My Gripe, be that it is small, is that each char had a different Champion rank dependent on the rank they last were when I last logged into them. Example My main was the current rank because I had logged into him only the night prior, however my least used character hadn’t had a log for about 2-3 weeks so its champion rank was showing quite a few points less than the main.

Anyway, I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about by now… I think it looks like ****- yes, small issue, might even be considered a non-issue – but why was it changed?
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  • Baertram
    Are you talking about the console login screen or PC?
    And this does not seem to be addon related.
    Addons are not able to change anything on the login screen. Their first impact is during login as the addon gets loaded.
  • eco_TR
    PS4 user here.
    As far as I noticed, the CP points are varying on each char at login screen depending the last cp u logged out on that char.

    I am not sure what exactly is the target, but helps me to understand how long I haven't logged in to the chars.

    e.g : assume u r cp 780 with your char #1 and played with it for a week without logging into others, and end up with 790 cp.

    your char#1 shows 790 on login screen, whereas others still stay on 780. If u log in to others they will also have 790 CP and will show 790 after your log out.

    Nothing wrong in terms of actual cp the chars have.
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