[End-game PvE]Hellfire Dominion is recruiting tanks for our progression team!

Hellfire Dominion is looking for experienced tanks for our progression team!

We are a end-game raiding group, with members having cleared the hardest content in the game. This team has cleared vMaw, vHoF, and vCR + 1, and we’re looking to expand our portfolio. Members of this group have cleared content such as vMaw HM, vAS HM, and vHoF HM. We are looking for one or two experienced tanks to join our ranks as we progress through the more difficult content in the game.

We are currently trying to get vCR + 1 on "farm" status to get perfected Cloudrest gear. We intend on moving on to vMaw HM, vCR + 2, and potentially vAS + 1. We run on Wednesdays from 9pm to 11pm EST and Sundays from 7pm to 9pm. These times may change in the future, depending on what days and times work for the whole team.

Individuals who are interested in joining must have the following:
  • At least CP 500
  • Sets: Ebon, Plague Doctor, Alkosh, Dragonguard, Lord Warden, Blood Spawn, Earthgore
  • Nice to haves: Eternal Yokeda, Torug’s Pact, Jailer’s Tenacity, Thurvokun, Vykosa
  • Achievements: Aetherian Archive Difficult Mode, Hel Ra Citadel Difficult Mode, Sanctum Ophidia Difficult Mode, Maw of Lorkhaj Conquerer
  • Nice to haves: Asylum Sanctorium Conquerer, Cloudrest Conquerer

In addition, individuals who are interested in joining must complete one of the following dungeons with the progression raid leader (myself) and 2 other officers:

Moon Hunter Keep HM, March of Sacrifices HM, Fang Lair HM, Scalecalled Peak HM

While doing the above dungeons, we will be looking at your skillset and personality match with our team. This includes, but is not limited to, ability to sustain, ability to cooperate with others, ability to perform under pressure, ability to learn new mechanics and/or strategies quickly, and ability to take constructive feedback well.

If interested, please reach out to @t3hasiangod or @soph88ie in-game, or leave a message below.
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  • LeagueTroll
    I am interested. I have cleared vcr+2 as main tank. Run into some issues with my other guild. What time you guys run? Would love to join if time works. Name is @LeagueTroll
  • soph88ie
    I am interested. I have cleared vcr+2 as main tank. Run into some issues with my other guild. What time you guys run? Would love to join if time works. Name is @LeagueTroll


    We run Wednesdays 9-11PM EST and Sundays 7-9PM EST.

    Let either myself or @T3hasiangod know if that works for you and you'd like to continue with the application! :)
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