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Is there an addon or a way to toggle helmet on and off with keybind?

As the title. I can´t find a way to do this. How to achieve this pls?
  • Drako_Ei
    you can quickslot the "hide helmet" collectible
  • VaranisArano
    You can do it in the vanilla game. Just go to your Quickslot options under Appearance and quickslot the Hide Your Helm collectible. Then You can use your Quickslot bar as the toggle,
  • fgoron2000
    Before ZOS moved the hide helmet from settings to the outfit system, there was an addon that allowed most (all) vanilla ON/OFF toggles, including the Helmet toggle to be hotkeyed. It's called Quick Settings, and is a very nice addon. Although it can no longer be used for the Hide Helmet setting, there are still plenty of other toggles that you may find use for this addon...

  • p6kocka
    Thank you. I´ve already found an addon with Toggle helmet controll. It´s called "Cowl - helm/hat toggle".
  • Wintergreen
    I put Hide Helmet on a Quickslot. Already have too many addons as it is, but that's just me.
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