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Looking for the Huns guild

Soul Shriven
I've recently moved in to Twin Arches - the property just south of Hallin's Stand in Bangkorai - and there's a Guild Store just 5 seconds gallop from my front door next to the local Wayshrine.

It's labelled as belonging to "Huns" but I can't find any mention of this guild anywhere online, and to my knowledge, there's no way to find them in-game when all I have is the name.

I would love to be part of this guild (admitedly, largely for the conveniance factor), can anyone point me in the right direction for an invite?
  • MrsPink
    It changes every Sunday though. We all have to put in blind bids on the location we want and highest bidder wins it . So chances are pretty big that that guild will have a different trader next week.

    However, you can always access the store of the guild you belong to at any banker (not the assistant. So if its for convenience, you only have to find a bank.

    Easiest way to get in contact with that specific guild would be to access the store, look at the names of the people selling, you will see that on each item, and message them to get the gm's psn id. @OttselPrower
    Edited by MrsPink on September 3, 2018 3:36PM
    GM of Dark Royalty
    PS4 EU
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