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The Merchant with a Atronach Horse

Gan Xing
Gan Xing

Found this merchant at Summerset Isle.... he has a friggin Flaming Atronach Horse
Gan Xing - Crafting Nightblade
Elrana Tinuviel - Hybrid Dragonknight
Elentári Peregrine - Sorcerer "bank"
Rán Xīng - Hybrid Templar
Laurïsil Imlachwen - Stamina Templar
Helotë Tinuviel - Hybrid/Magicka Warden
Odin banker - obv banker
Yan of the Red Mountain - lvl 3 DK - not sure when I will work on em

Seeks the unusual and unique playstyles...
  • LadyNalcarya
    Lucky ***! :D
    Dro-m'Athra Destroyer | Divayth Fyr's Coadjutor | Voice of Reason

  • Neyane
    When I saw this in game I thought I was seeing things! Glad to know I was not the only one! :D Feels bad when a merchant has a mount I don't have though :|
    The most important thing in life is enjoying yourself.
    810+, love trials and dungeons, achievement hunter ♥
    Stormproof on 9 characters and more to come~ Flawless on MagSorc & MagPlar ♥
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