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Issues with using doors

I constantly have issues with keep doors. Sometimes takes 3-5 seconds to use a door. Even worse, when trying to get into a keep that's being sieged, you'll use the door and then somehow use it again and end up back outside.

One example of this around the 18 second mark.

Unfortunately I don't have a recording of one instance where there was no combat and it ported me through the door twice about a dozen times trying to leave Alessia.
  • Sacredx
    This has always been an issue especially for those with higher ping. The process of getting into the door involves you getting in range then activating the door. You can get interrupted which prevents you going in or sometimes you go in anyway depending on who's point of view you look from. And yes, if you double enter the door it may spit you back outside. That is the danger of spamming to enter.

    This is something that is an issue.

    They should just replace doors with portals so that players can just go through them without any activation.
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  • Ghostbane
    Do a roll dodge just before the door, then press your E key, or whatever you have it set too.
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  • Anrose
    Sheathing your weapons seems to help, in my exeperience. Though, that’s anecdotal at best, if you know me.
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