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Dungeon Lore?

Hi. I have a deep problem.

In Dungeon Groups, I like to play either tank or healer. The group really depends on me! No time to waste!

But I also want to take my time to "smell the roses". I want to listen to the NPCs instead of skimming over their dialogue text. I want to hear everything they have to say. I want to see the conclusion on the dungeons before I'm booted out because everyone left the group as soon as the last boss died!

Tyfg, but I wish you stuck around long enough so I could finish speaking to Alanwe!

Now out of consideration for the three other people I am matched with I hurry myself along, but I want to either know what I'm missing or perhaps there is a way to return to the dungeon to relive those quests and moments? Is that possible? Or perhaps there is a Youtube Channel that shows Dungeon Lore and Quests in their entirety? I really like the story.

Thanks in advance everyone.
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  • CyberSkooma
    I'm sure there's a channel out there somewhere where it's covered.

    Otherwise, you'll really just have to find a group willing to run it slow with you so that you can see everything that happens. Sometimes a simple "Hey guys, I have quest." at the beginning can help too.
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  • dan958
    Try just asking people in your group if they mind. I'm sure the vast majority of people won't mind waiting around for you to talk to NPCs and the such.
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  • HappyLittleTree
    You could make a new character, get a group of likeminded people and enjoy the story :)
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  • LMar
    You could solo the normals. Or head over to and try to find the dungeon dialogue
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  • Cadbury
    There's probably a guild of likeminded RPers who do this. I know theres alot on FF14 because those dungeons have their own mini story that most players skip over.
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  • Robo_Hobo
    I started a guild for this type of thing. It's a social guild for people who love the lore of Elder Scrolls, and to provide groups for people who want to do the group dungeons in a "story mode" style - where we do exactly just that, listen to all of the dialogue, explore, etc. We do regular dungeons too but this is the thing that inspired me to want to start forming a guild, because I know of many who would like that opportunity. I would too - I still haven't done a story mode version of a lot of the DLC dungeons.

    We're just a new guild, still finding people, but if you're on PC/NA check us out! the Society of Scholars. PM me in-game if you wanna know more. :)
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