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Alinor kinlord costume - change undyable ribbon, please

ZOS, please, let us dye the white ribbon on the hips in the same color as the pants! It's a massive part of the costume but this bright white color usually doesn't match the rest of the color scheme.
  • Starlock
    Shoot, I was worried this migh happen. Might pass on this costume now.
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  • Aliyavana
    wish they put warnings on what is dyeable
  • Ostacia
    I was very disappointed that this part wouldn't dye. It's not like it's some small bit, it's a major part of the costume. Sheesh!
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  • max_only
    Phew! Glad I checked the forums. I knew deep down in my heart that Zos wouldn’t let us dye those kitchen towels.
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  • JJBoomer
    I was gonna make a joke, but I do actually wish more of the armors/costumes in the game had more dye slots and were more customizable.
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