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Soul Shriven
Hi guys.

So I was a long time Lord of the Rings online role-player, a good 3-4 years so I definitely understand RP; the do's and dont's (difference between IC and OOC, don't make ridiculous characters etc.) I just really need more info on the do's and dont's specifically for ESO RP.

Tried to watch some guides on YouTube but a lot of them are leaning on absolute beginners and they take a long time explaining the real basics so I'd just rather someone give me a quick run down of some basic ESO rules. What race wouldn't mingle with what race and some IN CHARACTER help for role play with ESO. I know I could just look up lore but you never know what information is relevant and what isn't, gets pretty confusing. Doesn't need to be really detailed, just something simple. If not then perhaps an article or forum post that would point me in the right direction. Thanks to anyone that can help! :)
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