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Implement the best add-ons to base game

Quality of life improvements to the game for all platforms. We want skill timers !!! Updated buff tracker that shows useful buffs only. Raid notifications that work 100% of the time !!
  • VaranisArano
    That would be nice for console users.
  • Camb0Sl1ce
    @robhavok same from xbox eu? either way i agree.
  • Larisse
    Definitely. Some of these features are crucial to the point that it just about kills the experience when you have to play without them.
  • Gythral
    but who defines the best?
    as I'd love a lag free, doesnt take for ever version of Master Merchant & TTC but given how they are I'd not want to load them on every character
    others would love 'Press X Now' combat & combat meters - I dont see the point for what I play
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