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Lag PS4 NA is ridiculous and the game is in an unplayable state especially on weekends

NOT MY INTERNET! My group mates were experiencing the same thing and I have 70Mbps download and 25 upload. Fix the game ZOS. EP owned Alessia to Bleakers and Dclaw in the North and we were fighting at their gate keeps way out of the way where nobody was and this is the lag seen there. I can't imagine where the main conflicts are.

- Can't activate any skills after a CC break after a few seconds of running around like a moron.
- Can't land a single hit because enemies aren't where they appear to be
- Try to bar swap cancel an ability but it doesn't fire off so I have to bar swap again and hit the skill 2 more times
- Can't switch bars

Orc forever and always
  • Abysswarrior45
    This goes on in PVE too. Trials and vMA *** lags out and you can't bash enemies or see animations till they're already done and have hit you. Implement the load screen patch again. I'd rather have to restart game every death then lag like this.
    Orc forever and always
  • GreenhaloX
    Yupper.. Just horrendous! I'm not going to fill this page with the magnitude of PvP issues and adding to the craziness. However, just one example of the plethora of craziness. Lethal Arrow has an range of 48 meter, right.. the lag crapshoot has been so bad that I'm surely standing with 10-15 meters and the skill wasn't even highlighting for the most part; can't use it or fire it off at all. Among other defects, this is just purely unacceptable..
    Edited by GreenhaloX on February 24, 2018 2:21PM
  • lucky_Sage
    switch to pc like I did I'm at low 160's cp with cp removed from arenas ill have pvp to do now and there cp campiegn has a little people in way more the ps4 ive seen 2 bars never even seen 1 bar on ps4
    runs a lot smoother
    DC PC NA
    magdk- main
    magden alt

    AD PS4 NA -retired (PC runs way better to play on console)

  • newtinmpls
    Heck I get lag like this in a crowded bank.

    Also PC NA
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  • randomkeyhits
    EU PS4 as well, a guaranteed way to experience terrible lag is to join the vivec campaign, transit to the shrine nearest a big conflict and then wait for the lag to hit, 100% induced by player numbers

    Typing this because my PS4 simply couldn't handle it and I had to restart which now has me in a load into cyrodiil fail to load, go back to login screen, rinse repeat... not fun.
    EU PS4
  • Apache_Kid
    Same experiences on Xbox NA. I wish they'd just come out and admit it's never going to get better
  • Sanctum74
    It was pretty bad last night. My character would keep stopping while walking/riding, blue and load screens in the middle of battle, and health desyncs.

    At one point I died to 3 cold fire ticks, was trying to figure out what killed me and 4 seconds after reading my death recap THEN the cold fire hit me.

    Not getting red seige circles is bad enough, but 3 ticks for something that hit me after I died on my screen. Server just a little out of sync!
  • Abysswarrior45
    So we just not supposed to play or what? This game is straight broken
    Orc forever and always
  • jerj6925
    Yesterday running with a group and attacking fort ash, everyone was complaining about how bad the lag was and its impossible to bar swap and focus on anyone. I would just spam out AOE or just hold the trigger on lighting staff because targeted attacks just wouldn't work anymore.

    could you imagine experiencing this in a beta version? would you buy?
  • Bhaal5
    Yeah it really needs fixing, instead of these shooting these overpriced dlcs every quarter
  • lady_Ariel
    Soul Shriven
    I cant even play... and I paid for eso plus..
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