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Is the ESO+ Big Pack a Monthly or One-Time Payment?

Soul Shriven
Hi guys,
im curious about getting ESO+. However, I'm wondering, since you get the Crowns when you start your ESO+ membership, do you also have to pay the full amount right away? So, if I would get the 6-month ESO+ Membership, would I then start paying about 10 bucks each month, or would I also pay the full 65 bucks (or so) when starting the membership?
  • Avran_Sylt
    It's a lump sum payment. You might be able to setup a recurring payment for the 1-month price? (But that would be more expensive...)
  • Reverb
    The monthly sub is a recurring monthly charge. Any multi-month subs are charged up front, and active for the duration. Both types auto renew until you cancel.
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