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Leeching Plate 2 Handed Weapon

Ok.. so I've done like 7 back to back runs of Imperial City Prisons, and NO ONE in any of those groups has had a two handed sword/axe/maul of Leeching Plate drop. I have more Maul's of scathing mage than I can count, but never Leeching Plate. I did get a healing staff, so that gave me hope.. Is this like the Viper bow in Fungal Grotto that just never drops anymore, or does RNGesus just hate me that much? If anyone has any insight into this, I would appreciate hearing it.
Thanks in advance
Edited by tyggerbob on August 4, 2018 12:37PM
  • Mister_DMC
    7 runs is not many. And yes I've deconned lots of them farming sheer venom.
  • tyggerbob
    hehe I'm up to 16 now.. Still no luck, but I am encouraged to know that they exist.. thanks for the confirmation :)
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