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Does minor berserk impact oblivion damage

Ok so I’m looking at making a cheesy as hell PvP build, that uses Shield Breaker and Knight Slayer. For monster would slimeclaw boost that oblivion damage?

Heavy attacks against any shielded opponent would wreck, especially with an oblivion enchant on my weapon too.

Best Answer

  • Juhasow
    No. It may show that tooltip was increased but final outcome is unchanged.
  • The_Protagonist
    I don't think Daedric/Irresistible/Oblivion damage can be buffed except by champion points or Torug's Pact set bonus only for enchantments.

    Other's who are better aware can give their insights.

    @Reorx_Holybeard @Gilliamtherogue @Asardes
  • Asardes
    It will probably benefit from CP in either Master-at-Arms if it's direct damage, and Taumaturge if it's a DoT, but not others, since it's not the same as elemental. It would also not benefit from various class passive, and CP in Elemental Expert. It can be checked easily by going back and forth between any game are and Cyrodiil no-CP campaign or BG. If the tooltip if less than 1/2 in this case (halved by Battle Spirit) then those CP amp it, if it's exactly 1/2, they will not.
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  • raasdal
    Answer is; NO

    And also it does NOT scale with CP either.

    Tooltips are bugged and will show incorrectly.

    Outside of the already mentioned Infused trait and Torugs Pact, there is only one skill/mechanic in the game that will effectively increase you damage with Oblivion, as far as i know, which is Power Of The Light. Oblivion damage counts towards this skill, effectively increasing the damage by 20%.
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  • Phreeki
    I tested the infused trait on a target dummy and got no increase in oblivion damage from the enchantment, even though the tool-tip goes up. Idk test it for yourself as far as torugs pact goes i didn't test that so i can't say.
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