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verses for Kyne's warriors

Just to get the blood up for the double AP event. Good luck in there to everyone
This is EP focussed: it's my faction

Our World Tree standing Rock roots are shaken

Horse thunder rises Tho slow against Shor’s race

Hard fighting Nords Against bone broken foe

Mage caller Elfen Pact bound and fearsome

Hardend scale battlers Hist chant and grim

Pact to the battle With allies from others

Steel clawed and sharp tusked Keen eyed and well blooded

War Horns and Standards Of Might for protection

Keep to the faith and Let no friend stay fallen

Kneel at your altar Whatever your goddess

Ask: steel in the blood And iron in heart

Ask: glory and faith And no mercy be given

To those who ride out Girt in the grim blue

The coward-hued banners Drive under the earth

The Kiss at the End That glory filled moment

Whale bone bridge waiting Mead for cold valour

Cyrodiil bloody and Ravaged with war cries

Kyne’s blessed mantle The thunder, the storm
Bring sky-fire wreathing Down on pretenders

Enker grene proxies and venomous kinglings

Will fall to the touch of The Kiss at the End
Ner slayn wyth þe slete he sleped in his yrnes / Mo nyʒtez þen innoghe in naked rokkez

Mother of Storms - EP PvP - always For the Pact

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