Stuttering and fps drops since latest patch - PS4 Pro NA server

Soul Shriven
fps drops... and a broken controller :D

close thread, please.
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  • AlbaXguXbrath
    Soul Shriven
    Close thread. :|

    Played GOW for an hour last night and didn't notice, but apparently my controller has a very small dead zone that is causing the unresponsiveness in ESO. Only noticed now when I fired up Fallout 4. Couldn't even tell anything was wrong when I switched to Elite Dangerous. Played GOW again after and still couldn't notice any impact on controller responsiveness there. Same stopping and starting in 3rd person Fallout, though. :(

    Plugged in the Xbox One controller and ESO is fixed.

    Stuttering and fps drops remain, but it was my broken controller that was "game breaking". Apologies. Please close thread.
  • ZOS_BillE
    We have closed this thread at the OP's request.
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