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[Addon] Hide bank items at crafting stations (FCO Craft Filter)

Hello all,

I've just created an addon on request which is able to hide your banked items at the crafting station's deconstruction, improvement, enchanting creation & extraction panels.
I thought it might be a helping hand for others too so I released it at

It is simple and integrates into the UI:
A small button is shown at the top left of the crafting station's panel, looking like the bank symbol. If you click it the bank items will be filtered (hidden). It will get smaller and white now. If you click it again the ank items will be shown again together with your inventory items. The icon will get bigger and gray again.
A tooltip shows what it does if you click on it.

If you want to try it just go here and install it:
Or use the Minion tool to update it. Search for "FCO" or "FCO Craft Filter".

Check out my other addons too:
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Hope it helps,
Edited by Baertram on May 19, 2015 9:19AM
  • oddsmaker
    You are amazing. I have wanted this addon for literally over a year now and was just cursing in my head yesterday how I didn't know of one. Thank you!
  • Baertram
    I recently added an option (enable it in the settings menu) to "only show items at the bank" too.
  • BloodWolfe
    Awesome! I will be downloading this one when I get home from work this afternoon! It always annoyed me seeing bank items so i put items in the bank, got on an alt and picked them up but so annoying to then get them from that alt later that day or the next if it was being kept for research purposes.

    Thanks for this addon!
  • rainman
    When the players have to fix the game in the developers' place.
  • Streega
    Can you please go and practice your necromancy elsewhere? Also, it's Friday, almost weekend, don't be so sour - have a sweetroll:
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    Member of "Guild Masters United"
    Master Angler
  • Baertram
    @Streega . Somehow he/she was right. Addons used to fix a lot of game's bugs until the fixes got implemented into the game's code :-)

    Though this addon does not fix anything. It's just adding a feature which others see as "essential".
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