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When to start tanking for the very first time

Soul Shriven
I'm leveling my warden (future) tank by doing quest lines, but want to get into dungeons as soon as possible. I don't want just to be added weight and be carried and thus the topic. What are the minimal reasonable requirements to start tanking the easiest normal dungeons? Should I first level to 50 (or maybe cp160) to be effective enough to be able to tank?

What would you expect from the first-time tank in eso, considering normal dungeons?
  • VaranisArano
    I expect a tank to taunt the boss and not die. That's my bare minimum. You can start doing that as soon as the dungeons unlock.

    Now, a good tank will taunt the boss and hard-hitting adds, not die, hold the boss more or less still in the DD's AOEs, block, interrupt, buff the group, debuff the boss, and crowd control the adds.

    But the base requirement is taunting the boss and not dying.

    Taunts in this game are:
    Puncture: One Hand and Shield skill, melee taunt and debuffs the enemy.
    Inner fire: Undaunted skill, ranged taunt with a synergy, morphs to cost magicka or stamina
    Ice Staff Heavy Attack witht he Trifocus Passive: blocking will cost magicka and your ice staff heavy attack will taunt with this passive selected.
    Tormentor Set: wearing 5 pieces will aloow your Charge abilities to taunt their target.

    Personally, when I level tanks I give them One Hand and Shield and pick up Puncture as my taunt (morph to Pierce Armor for the debuffs) and pick up the heavy armor set pieces from the dungeons I run so my armor stays close to my level. Having a food/drink buff will help. If you are worried about learning to tank, you can start by queuing for the easy dungeons like Banished Cells 1, Fungal Grotto 1, etc. and getting comfortable.
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  • BejaProphet
    You should start tanking at level 10. Please purchase the taunt ability.
  • Druid40
    I've seen really good low level/CP tanks in vet dungeons.

    Have at least 30k health if you're new to tanking or just new to that character, then add a little health regen in case your healer isn't good or happens to die from a one-shot. Sturdy and/or the CP node that reduces block costs. Get your resistances high.

    Tips: A lot of tanks forget this, but try to turn AOE bosses away from the group, so any hard hitting conal AOEs only hit you. If you have to stay in an ground effect, try to position the boss for melee DDs to hit from the edge without having to be engulfed. Don't forget to heavy attack to keep your stamina high. You don't have to taunt everything.
  • gnarlyvandal
    For easiest dungeons? See comprehensive guide below:

    Level to 10, stick on a sword and board, get yo’ taunt, que for dungeon. Don’t forget to block.
    Edited by gnarlyvandal on July 9, 2018 9:12AM
  • vrodnenok
    Tormentor Set: wearing 5 pieces will aloow your Charge abilities to taunt their target.
    and what are those Çharge'abilities? at least for warden.
  • cjhhickman39
    You want shield charge from s&b skill line
  • dtsharples
    You can tank from level 10/15, whatever level the dungeons open up at. And quite successfully too.

    You'll want a Shield + 1-Handed weapon.
    You can craft Torugs pact, which is still one of the best tanking sets in game.
    The reason fort his is the increased up-time of the Crusher Enchant you should put on your Weapon.
    You can also buy cheap Endurance Jewellery from Guild Traders.

    You'll want a mix of resources, HP, Stamina + Magika. With enough HP to survive any 'one-shot' mechanics ~30k
    I would recommend Tri-Stat food if you have access to it.
    Vampire is recommended by many who Tank as a main, because of the resource regen and the mitigation of damage.

    Open up both Taunts as soon as you can, and slot one on each bar. If you happen to run out of Stamina in a tricky situation you can use the magika taunt instead. Plus its ranged and very useful.
    Don't bother with the Tormentor set its entirely pointless.

    IMO you'll want a rooting skill to help control the mobs. Gripping shards is perfect.
    Taunt the baddest looking mobs first, then try and pull the ranged mobs in using your Frozen Device. A similar option for when you have done undaunted pledges, is the Swarm Mother set, that does the pulling for you on Blocking.

    A good tank should imo:

    1) Taunt as many Adds as they feel comfortable handling
    2) Bring the Adds together so they are all in the AOE Damage for faster clearing - and root them there
    3) Turn the Adds / Boss away from the rest of your group, so they aren't in any damage cones / heavy cleaves
    4) Have enough HP + Resources to do the above successfully
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  • dtsharples
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  • Druid40
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