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Official Discussion Thread for "ESO LIVE: JULY 20 @ 6PM EDT – Update 19 Changes"

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This is the official discussion thread for the "ESO LIVE: JULY 20 @ 6PM EDT – Update 19 Changes" blog article.

Werewolves and humans alike will want to tune in to ESO Live this Friday as we chat with the ESO development team about the changes coming with Update 19.
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  • Avran_Sylt
    Things I'll likely try to ask:

    Will Werewolves ever see a taunt included in their kit, either via skill or set interaction?

    The Attack Speed buff from Blood Moon. It's an old effect that was removed from the game, but has now made its way back. Will this be a one-time occurrence, or will it be explored upon in the future?

    The Savage Werewolf bleed ticks on the 0 tick, causing it to apply on the attack that procs it. Is this intended? Would we perhaps see this 0 tick interaction expanded upon other bleed abilities, such that damage instances are not overridden by reapplication within the 2s bleed window?
    (IE Cleave, Twin Slashes, HeavyWeapon/TwinBlandeNBlunt Axe Bleed)
  • Strider__Roshin
    I'm hoping they address Rune Cage, Medium Armor's survivability in PvP, how underwhelming the 2H has become, Mage's Fury over-performing in BGs, and if they will ever buff Dark Cloak in order to make non-stealth stamblades viable.
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  • King_Thelon
    I'm hoping they address Xv1 nightblades who think everything outside their kit is overperforming.
  • Darkmage1337
    Nerf Sorc's Rune Cage duration/range/make it blockable/dodgeable/something/anything but loldmgreduction...
    Nerf Sloads, because Sloads... and there are like 20+ threads about why. Just go play a BG match and you'll see.

    Buff Magplar (Un-nerf the Rune Focus magicka sustain, jesus beam is a DPS loss, dark flare is a dps loss, everything unique about Magplar is a DPS-loss [E.G. you are better off spamming light attacks at this rate...)]
    Buff MagWarden (suicide bird spammable is useless, low damage, constantly dodged by players in PvP)
    Buff StamDK (will it ever even get a stamina morph for the whip???)

    I could go on.. but this show likely won't provide anything we don't already know: ESO combat/balance/meta is at one of its worst points in the game's history. Combat/Balance Devs should be fired and replaced with competent people who actually play the game and know the numbers, lol...

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  • Ankael07
    Astrid_V wrote: »
    As always nothing will be said about class and combat balance, so it's pointless watching this.
    Only advertising new DLC and encouraging to buy it.

    At this point Im watching the episodes for Wrobel memes.

    I mean you can tell there will be ridiculous ones from the way article says ''sink their teeth into live community questions'' and then answer things like chamber pots :D
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  • James-Wayne
    When will Wrobel and Gillian hosts an special class edition of ESO Live?

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  • Thannazzar
    Hope next update will reverse permenant weapon enchant glows when sheathed or at least confirm that new weapon skins hide enchant glows.
  • Minyassa
    I hope someone holds their feet to the fire about the Traitor's Vault nerf. Likely they won't, but I can hope.
  • Tremors

    Buff Magplar (Un-nerf the Rune Focus magicka sustain, jesus beam is a DPS loss, dark flare is a dps loss, everything unique about Magplar is a DPS-loss [E.G. you are better off spamming light attacks at this rate...)]

    Beam is looking pretty good this patch. These ticks are far from my highest in testing (it is not a dps loss and can be used from 30% now). However a few things deserve a small buff, such as burning light and blazing spear dot damage.

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