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Advanced Filters Problems?

Is anyone else having severe problems with Advanced Filters or is it just me? This only occasionally happens, but sometimes when I log in I will get a bunch of UI error pop-ups, and none of menus will work. All of my menus are blank; no icons, no lists, nothing. I have to Alt + F4 to even leave the game, since the ESC window doesn't have any icons. I can fix it by disabling the add-on in the character select menu, re-enable it once I've loaded in-game and then reloadui, but my friend also uses the Add-On and he hasn't had the problem at all. Is anyone else having these problems?

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  • Imza
    I use Advance Filters.

    Not I, but I suspect it is an add-on conflict, try turning different add-ons on and off to determine which one is causing it.
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    EP - Templar - Argonian
    Multiple characters in training
  • 117Dios
    Do you, by chance, have "No, thank you!" installed? It happened to me too, and I fixed it by uninstalling it.
  • NootyMudcrab
    Soul Shriven
    Yeah having the same problem as well, though it happens overtime while playing and only on my newer characters.
  • Littlebluelizard
    Yeah, I had issues with this addon as well. Switched to Auto-Category and never looked back.
  • Manchas87
    Completely read that last page on this comment section,
    and maybe also read some of the pages before that one.
    I think you will find the answer to your problem

    I hope you can solve it bro!
    Edited by Manchas87 on July 10, 2018 2:25PM
  • TheGr8David
    @117Dios I had uninstalled No Thank You, because it had a bunch of UI errors by itself. This didn't seem to be the problem with advanced filters.

    @Littlebluelizard I'll probably switch add-ons as well.

    At this point, I've just completely disabled and removed the add-on. Frankly, I barely miss it. Thanks for all the feedback everybody, I appreciate the help.

    Argonian - StamDK - Tank - Leaves-Friends-Dead
    Orc - DK - Crafter - Burker

    I saw the "I" yo! CHIM me baby!
  • Baertram
    If chars make the difference it can only be related to addons used in combination with AF.
    AF is not storing any character data in the saved vars! It's not storing anything at all.
    It's just showing you the inventory filters.

    So if this happens to some but not all characters:
    Please disable all addons except AF and test if you are able to reproduce the error:
    If yes: Please write into the addon comments and describe how to rebuild this error.
    Many thanks!

    If not:
    Try other addons in combination and find out which ones is causing the problems.

    I've tested several known addons in combination myself and never got these problems so far.
  • Giraffon
    I have had intermittent problems with Advanced Filters since Summerset rolled out. I have auto-category installed as well. If I start getting error screens, I just disable it and the problems stop. Auto category is solid. Not quite as good, but I find myself using it more and more as it is stable.
    Giraffon - Beta Lizard - For the Pact!
  • Nestor
    Community Ambassador
    There is a simple fix for NoThankYou, basically changing an id on a skill. Boils down to copy and paste.

    As for Advanced Filters, that is one addon that does not givee issues. Although, it does need to be updated for Summerset
    Enjoy the game, life is what you really want to be worried about.

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