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Need help with my Mag Sorc build, last boss vMA :(

  • Asardes
    Asardes wrote: »
    Pontypants wrote: »
    Thanks for super fast reply and a lot of helpful info :)

    I should have clarified:
    My rattlecage consists of - Amulet, Rings and staff (so no heavy armor)
    5 piece light Julianos
    1medium iceheart
    1 heavy iceheart

    But yes I totally see your point that I might as well go with Power Surge as it should give me enough heals.

    Mundus stone: The Apprentice

    Main Bar:
    Cystal Frags, Force Pulse, Endless Fury, Inner Light, Bound Aegis

    Back Bar:
    Liquid Lightning, Elemental Blockade, Critical Surge, Empowered Ward, Bound Aegis

    OK, off to farm some stuff :)

    Would you prefer Slimecraw or Ilambris? I'm not a huge fan of these random proc shoot a fireball at random target idea, but maybe I should give it a chance!

    Also, I was using a lightning staff on both bars since I couldnt get Rattlecage to drop in flame. But ideally I'd like a flame on main bar.

    Thanks again, super helpful!

    Unless you have Undaunted rank at least 7 -- and preferably 9 -- there's little benefit to going 5-1-1 on your armor weights.

    I always gear up my characters like that since getting undaunted 10 is trivial. I don't like to optimize my gear for the week it takes me to get there, then change. When I make something legendary, I ensure it serves for months, if not years ;)

    Getting to Undaunted 10 is far from trivial, if one is new at running dungeons. In fact, I haven't done it yet on any character, although I do have one at 9 -- which is the important cut-off -- and several others in the 6-8 range.

    I've done it on 6 characters. Save for the first, which took maybe 2 weeks, as there were fewer achievements back then and probably the reputation for for doing pledges was smaller (if it was at all) it took me 4-5 days of running pledges going from 4 (which you can reach by doing general dungeon achievements) to 10.

    If you find it hard to find a group just gear your character for a support role, meaning healer or tank. Any magicka character can heal reasonably well using just Restoration Staff line and a few other general abilities, and any stamina character can tank reasonably well equipping 5 pieces of heavy armor and 1H+S on the front bar at least. The only supplemental requirement in this case is to level Assault and Support to at least 4 to unlock Warhorn. This can be reached in an afternoon in Cyrodiil and even in Battlegrounds. Actually at low CP and when you're not experienced enough I reckon is better not to play as DD.
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  • Avnr
    Necro and Seducer , infernal guardian if you got , ilambris also good

    pet build , just one pet for great EOA damage and stuns

    Necro give you very high max magicka, therefore your shield is way more stronger
    Seduser give very good recovery

    Rest is to learn the mechanics

    Usually I nuke the boss to 70% then he go up really fast - destro alty with all your EOA skills as he spawn

    if you manage to get the boss to 70% he go up, when you go up there is non stop DOT on you.

    if you get the 3 big stones , from there it's a win , just pick up those 3(dono how to call them) and stun the boss then kill

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