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Banished Cells 2 Vet

I ran this with a 2 guild members and we could't fill the group, so had a dps from the finder join us. All was okay even though they guy was only 20 cp and we got to the last boss. What I hadn't noticed (as I haven't done this mode before) is that someone put it into hardmode.. we couldn't kill it. I understood the mechanics but the dps was too low.

What I would like to see is a vote system come up when someone activates the scroll maybe? It was an evening wasted as we kept trying to kill this boss.. I only want the monster item.
Ps4 player
  • Bucky Balls
    Bucky Balls
    Banished cells 2 hardmode(hm) is mechanic based and not reliant on reading a scroll - you need to keep 3 daedroth alive when the boss is killed to get hm and related achievements.

    edit: I haven't seen many unilateral hm decisions in random groups - usually there's some sort of chat comment. Perhaps just state you would prefer not to play hm? Alternatively, just leave if your preferences are ignored; I know I might if the group didn't seem capable.
    Edited by Bucky Balls on July 16, 2018 8:06AM
  • AnnaUK
    Ah I see ty :)
    Ps4 player
  • ReachHalo
    I'm usually one who just says 'scroll??' into group chat. If no one answers or goes to read it... i go straight for boss. No complaints then
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