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End Game Vet Trial Guild

Hello all, I am recruiting for more members to join our end game vet trial guild. The most important thing I want to say is that we all have fun when running as a guild. We are friendly and successful in completing end game content, however, enjoying ourselves will always be the priority. With that said we run a lot of content, we have regular Vet trial runs, achievement runs, score runs, progression runs, and normal trial runs for farming gear. At this time we have a lot of players both new, familiar, and experienced with vet trials who want to run them while having a good time. Tryouts for the second and third main team are going on right now. So now is the perfect time to solidify your place in a vet trial guild. (Including vmol, vhof, etc...)

Our current run times vary drastically. We have runs starting at 7es, 9est, 11est, and are willing to put things together for any time.

A lot of the members also run vet dungeons for the skin run achievements so you can find a great group to get your dungeons skins with. We also run vdsa, imperial city sewers, and we have a bunch of players who also dabble in pvp.

We have a fully furnished guild hall with access to anything you would need.

We communicate offline and schedule trial runs via discord. We have multiple tools on discord to assist with our ESO experience. Price checker, set searcher, fishing resources, monster set resources, etc...

We are very open to new ideas and players both old and new. We want to give people the resources and time they need to progress through the game’s more advanced content.

If interested please contact our recruiter:
PSN: Kystal88
Discord: Kystal88#9034

Thank you and we look forward to speaking with you.

Edited by Kurevin on July 11, 2018 11:58AM
  • mmolegends44
    What's your guild name thinking of leaving one of my pve guilds they just dont do the harder content like that you know
  • trinimacNcheese
    psn FroggyFresh14 38k dps mag sorc
  • SSJ2ronni
    Hello, what's going on! I have a very strong magsorc ready for vet trials. Sitting on 5.3k max sp dmg shooting for the 6 range zone next and would love to dps test for you guys to also see where I'm sitting at currently. I've done a few vet trials before like AA, SO and HRC but that was a while back on a stamsorc, I need to refresh on those and I haven't dipped my toes in such end game yet on my magsorc so I'm very excited! The only thing I did on this character is normal CR so I don't know much of the mechanics (I have the cradle skin just to show I'm capable of performing, I mostly used to pvp but I'd love to raise the bar on my pve skills so I'm excited to join and prove my worth!).

    Anyway I tried searching your gamertag but there was only one person with a similar name that wasn't yours and so if you guys have a free slot, send an invitation my way (:

  • Kurevin
    Updated this post. We are making two more teams out of popular demand. Times aren’t set for those so you can have a chance to make sure you run at a time that works for you.
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