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VI Imperial Legion RP/PVP

Soul Shriven
The VI Imperial Legion Was On Standby At The Start Of The War, Many Legions Had Fallen Defending there towns, villages, cities, even other lands fighting in the name of the Empire, VI Imperial Legion Was Lucky Enough As Well As The 1st Imperial Legion, The Elder Concil Was With The 1st At The Start If The War, The New Emperor Lyncus, Assembled A Meeting On The Fringes Of The Empires Borders In Hammerfell, He Ordered The Last Remaining Legates To Gather There Armies And Rebuild. I Flavius Have A Duty Toward The Empire To Fight For What I Believe In, The Great Empire Cannot And Will not crumble This is why I Am Here.
The 6th Imperial Legion Is In Current Recruitment We Take Thieves, Slaves, Murders. Everyone. Join to fight for the Empire And For Glory To The People.
I Ask You, Will you join?
Add : XKazorMatalecoX For a Invitation
For Emperor LYNCUS!
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