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Going from standard to collectors edition in summerset

Soul Shriven
Okay so I didn’t realize there was such a big difference between the standard edition and the collectors edition of summerset when I purchased the upgrade for my daughter. Is there a way to get the collectors edition withou having to pay the full price since I already paid for the standard edition upgrade?
  • Danikat
    There isn't a big difference between them. The collectors edition comes with a ghost horse mount, gryphon pet, an outfit style, an emote and a memento, but other than that they're the same.

    At the moment there's no way to upgrade from standard to the collectors edition. But when Morrowind was added to the crown store the collectors edition items were added as a separate pack, and it's likely the same will happen with Summerset when the next expansion is released next year. I realise that's a long time to wait, but the only other option is to buy the whole thing again.
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