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What name would you have chosen?

So in the spirit of the House of Reveries, had you been allowed to join what name would you have taken?
XBox (NA) ~ Adloquium l Lvl 24 l Dunmer NB Main
  • Ajaxandriel
    "Snow" for my main, Altarya (or "Neige" actually, localized version)

    It's a shame we can't really get this feature in game... Joining the Reveries and bearing our own actor name!
    The masks are planned for the Shop but without the anonymous renaming thing... It's not the same...

    It would be so awesome if wearing one of these masks allow us to chose a "new" name, which would be displayed only when we wear it! (but maybe a bit hard to implement...)
    TESO:Triskelion - forum RP, guilde francophone
    Dorguldun gro-Arash - orque sorcier 50
    Tahajmi - khajiit sorcière 50
    Artémidore de Corbeaulieu - bréton lame noire 50
    Altarya - haute-elfe templière 50
    Hjarnar - nordique sorcier 50
    Jendaya al-Gilane - rougegarde chevalier-dragon 50
    Zandoga - rougegarde chevalier-dragon 50
    Ajaxandriel - haut-elfe gardien 50
    Angelith - elfe des bois gardienne 50
    Sabbathnazar Ullikummi - elfe noir chevalier-dragon 50

  • ArchMikem

    My Storm Mage.
    CP1,000+ Master Explorer - AvA Tribune - Console Peasant
  • Adernath

    my High Elf sorceress ^^
    Edited by Adernath on July 7, 2018 10:01AM
  • BigBadVolk
    "The ass is similar to the opinion: Everyone has it, but no one cares about the others!"
    I'm 119 years old
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