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Are the crows of the blackfeather court daedra?

I know they look like crows, but shrikes look like humans... The only differences is that these crows have purple eyes and can talk. I was wondering if there is anything in the lore stating whether the eggs the Crow Mother hatched them from are from a daedra, or did she just train them so well that they could create a society?
  • elias.stormneb18_ESO
    According to Lawerence Schick, they are indeed Daedra; he said so the the Clockwork City Lore episode of ESO Live.
  • gurluasb16_ESO
    Daedric Princes can pretty much change their form into anything, while lesser Daedra can take any form but then they're locked into that form as long as their bodies exist.
  • PrinceShroob
    "The limited imaginations of Mundus’ inhabitants are very amusing. There are as many types of servants as stars in the sky. Daedra, as you call them, are but one of the more useful..." -- Dyus, Interview with Two Denizens of the Shivering Isles

    Although, as noted above, the Blackfeather Court apparently are Daedra.
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