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Daily Rewards bug

Soul Shriven
My daily rewards for today, July 1st came available at 8:00pm est and I tried to get it and instead it rolled over into the next 24hr clock for that same reward. Yesterday, the last reward of the month, the psijic crate was supposed to be available to me at 8pm, instead, I had the July rewards calendar showing. I was not happy. My spousal unit argued that the rewards were done days ago because he started the daily rewards when Summerset became available, I did not. Either way, not a happy camper here. Please fix this, I want my crate and crown experience scroll. Thank you.

Edited by WildKat on July 2, 2018 12:17AM
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  • StormRaven
    Although I didn't experience the bug with last month's Final crate, I can vouch for the experience with tonight's reward glitching to the next 24 hrs.
  • Voidnova
    Yeah i got the same problem. Logged in at the reward time (2am cest for me) on july 1 and didnt get anything. Logged in now on july 2 and Still it doesnt work. Says its counting down from from 22h 15min now.. I think the devs need to look into this because we are missing out on our rewards now
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  • s_ch_kb16_ESO
    +1 on both of my accounts, I logged in twice yesterday and today and didn't get anything. This is really annoying. Now I got 2 days less to get all rewards. I'm on PC, though.
    Edited by s_ch_kb16_ESO on July 2, 2018 4:54AM
  • Aca2017
    Confirmed. Daily reward not being awarded.

    Still stuck on day 1's reward (for July 2018, which I should have received yesterday), no instance of that reward in my character's inventory.

    Interacting with the daily reward dialog in the crown store has no effect, clicking on the first reward does nothing.

    All July rewards still showing, none consumed. Timer shows 17h left until next reward (i.e. the first July 2018 reward), 29d17h remaining until reset.
    Edited by Aca2017 on July 2, 2018 8:53AM
    Yeah complete same for me and my partner, we missed out on the 5 psyjic crates for some reason after haveing 12hrs to roll over
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  • Stibbons
    Still stuck on day one reward. Now 11 h remaining. I am really pissed off. Same thing at 1 day. Where can we get compensate form these, because i play every day and no rewards?
  • Willem 1982
    Same for me... why is it always that after Maintenance, some simple thing brakes down...
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  • Aca2017
    This was broken before "maintenance" (at least, the maintenance/patch that occurred on 2018/07/02)... as far as I could tell, this broke the moment the month rolled over into July.

    I had hoped the 2018/07/02 maintenance would FIX this, but no joy.
  • ZOS_Bill
    The issue with Daily Rewards is currently being looked into. You can find further updates in this thread.
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