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End of Campaign Rewards

Soul Shriven
Hey everyone was just curious on how the end of campaign rewards function? What are the requirements to get gold jewelry rewards and do the campaign leaders get better rewards? Im asking mainly for 30 standard campaign (Vivec) if that makes any difference. Ok thanks !
  • SwampRaider
    i dont know what the requirement for gold jewelry is, but I make sure I am in the top 30 just in case
    Character: Eros, Eros I I, The Paw of Woe
    Class: Templar Healer/MagWarden/ Stam Sorc
    Alliance: DC
    Campaign: Vivec (pc/na)
    Guardians of Daggerfall
  • VaranisArano
    According to here:

    The requirement for gold items is being in the top 2% of players in your alliance. Being in the top 3-10% will get you purple items.
  • Kellzkitchen
    Soul Shriven
    Thanks for that link, looks up to date as far as I can see. Yeah I finished the Vivec campaign today and was surprised that I got gold jewelry rewards. My rank was around 70ish but i guess that was top 2 % so sweet :]
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