Brotherhood of the nine PS4/NA looking for new members

Brotherhood of the nine is a new guild with dedicated players, and a strong

We accept all types of players, so whether you are a newcomer to ESO who needs some help, or a veteran who wants to give it, we have a friendly and non-judgemental place for you! We are primarily a social/PvE guild, but over time we plan to progress together as a team to do more, and to tackle the more difficult content together!

We have approximately 44 members so far, but we have very optimistic ideas, great management, and we are growing fast! We also use the Discord app for PC or smartphone to communicate, set up events, help each other, and much more!

We host various events such as World Boss, Skyshard/Lorebook and Dungeon runs, and also several group farming events. We have Master Crafters that can craft your gear, food, potions and glyphs, and we can also help you achieve your own Master Crafter status! Trial runs are soon to be planned weekly. A raffle is being planned for a chance to win gold and prizes! We are working hard to get a Guild Trader set up.

We are a no fee guild. Donations to maintain the trader we are working towards, are always appreciated. If you’re looking for a trading guild, there are plenty out there dedicated to selling your goods. We would rather focus on playing together and experiencing content over dealing with bidding and collecting dues from members. Should guild success allow us the bandwidth to branch out into trading, we will explore the idea at that time.

Though we do look forward to tackling the more difficult content ESO has to offer, we are not a hard core guild that cares to DPS check and micro-manage group activity on an extreme level. If you’re a veteran/elite player who wishes for more requirements for difficult content clears, we may not be for you – however if you have the interest to contribute and a free guild slot we would welcome your knowledge.

If your goal is to find guild to effortlessly carry you through trials – that’s not us. While we have members with Trials experience, it’s the challenge and camaraderie that appeals to us and this should be your focus as well.

If this sounds like the guild for you, please message Swelch2448,topher64ce or Wukong_2 on PSN or leave a message here, and an invite will be sent.
  • Katfish_Hunter
    Soul Shriven
    I’m new to ESO and looking for a guild to run with (Katfish_Hunter). Would appreciate an invite if spots are still available.
  • Swelch2448
    I’ll get you added tonight
  • Sheogorathian
    New on PS4 server, I'd be interested in joining. I'm fairly casual player and mostly solo, but like to get into group content sometimes and have help with crafting and the like. PSN Sheogorathian17.
  • Swelch2448
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