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Semi-unexperienced Tank

So i have posted a few times about dps here. Now that i got my magblade, magdk, and magplar at a decent number and decided i wanna try my luck with my tank. Hes an argonian tank and i have tanked almost every dungeon except for Ruins, Fang Lair, Falkreath, and CoA 2. I wanna start tanking vet trials. Obviously ill do normal trials at first to test the waters. Any tips and or advice? I currently run 2 warden, ebon, and dragon. I have a set of torugs at the ready. I think a hist bark as well. Dont have Alkosh at the moment. Also hes an Argonian Warden.
  • Tasear
    I would definitely do falkreath and fang lair. It's good experience for tanks. Well sounds like it's time for you to join a trial guild. I would check guild subsection and see if one fits.
  • Krayl
    Personally I would and do run the torugs over dragon for trials unless you're running with a regular group and have those warhorn rotations finely tuned as youll get a more consistent benefit from it on bosses where it counts.

    Obviously knowing mechanics is a huge priority. As mentioned above the harder vet dungeons are excellent practice!

    change your friendly/enemy effect colors in your options. changing my enemy effects to a bright solid hot pink and my friendly effects to a bright solid cyan blue upped my performance quite a bit as getting in and out of things was much more apparent..there are too many non-threatening and also useful red effects for that to be a suitable color.

    always remember that the more you dance around and move mobs and bosses, the less time your dps is maximizing their dps output, the longer it takes to kill stuff, the more chances to die. Trying to keep them as stationary as possible while also avoiding any big mechanics is key.
  • Nestor
    Go to Woeler's Website and learn what you need about end game tanking.

    Google ESO Woeler to find it
    Enjoy the game, life is what you really want to be worried about.

    PakKat "Everything was going well, until I died"
    Gary Gravestink "I am glad you died, I needed the help"

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