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Travalion Hold is recruiting for guild membership.

Travalion Hold is an all players Guild.

Current Guild Residence is Mathiisen Manor. Travalion hold has all the crafting stations and a transmutation station available. Got the new Jewelry Station too.

Travlion hold is a Guild meant to be fun and enhance your gaming experience.

Travalion hold accepts members from all alliances. This guild was initially created in the Aldmeri Dominion and now we have opened our doors to all Alliances because of players on the Guild Leaders main account are from Different Alliances. So all Alliances are welcome.

This Guild is into every activity and looking for any members who wants to organize events. The current Heir of the Hold is an adventurer treasure seeker and maintains very light control over the hold. Once the guild gets sufficient membership and revenue then the control of the guild will be handed over to the rank of the Administratum and Hold Overseer's.

Our current model guild promotion is based on donation to the guild for your efforts. The more you donate in gold pieces contributes to you advancing to the next rank.

Travalion Hold requests a 5,000 gp donation every week for those interested in supporting and helping with the purchase of a guild trader. If you just started ESO Donate what you can spare. Coin isn't easy at lower levels. Good Guild traders are expensive and it takes a good group of donations to secure a decent good traffic spot. If we have a good spot and a good trader every week then you will make up your donation quick and easy. The 5,000gp donation contributes to your advancement in rank of the guild.

Current ranks of the guild
Hired Thug/Mercenary/Pirate: Cost is free and you have access to the store and guild bank. The bank has been used to store things to help new characters build their character.
Oblate: Purchased at 60,000gp to promote and requires you to have been a Hired Thug.
Nun/Monk: Purchased at 200,000gp and must of been an Oblate.
Justicar: Purchased at 360,000gp and must of been a Nun or Monk.
Justicar Adendum: Purchased at 540,000gp and must of been a Justicar.
Administratum: This is a member of the lower Council of Travalion Hold. Purchased at 760,000gp and must of been a Justicar Adendum.
Hold Overseer: This a a member of the high council of Travalion Hold. Purchased at 1,000,000gp and must of been in the Administratum.

Please PM the guild leader if you want to be a temporary Pirate Lord and run a group of adventures in Cyrodill and claim a keep for the guild. Doing so is a special event reward in the guild and give you and all of your group members in the guild 10,000gp reduction to your next rank promotion up to Justicar. This is for every 8 hours you hold the keep in any campaign. Please represent by getting a guild tabor in the guild store. Make sure to have your merry band of Keep defenders for the Hold notify the guild leader of their participation in the event.

A Brief Story of Travalion Hold from 2E 339.

Travalion Hold is a breif story about the Hired Thugs from Summerset Isle. The 16 Rays of Dawn that came to the aid of a Maomer Princess. She need them to defeat an evil Sload that enslaved her people and forced them to build the Awful Tower. On which is now known as Travalion Island.

The Crest of Travalion Hold as it currently stands in ESO. The 16 rays represent the initial council of 16 that lead the mercenaries known as the 16 Rays of Dawn. The rays are crooked because none of the initial mercenaries were on the strait and narrow. The rays came from the initial banner that was flown by the Hired Thugs and their band of Marauders when they set foot on the island.

The inner part of the crest was created after Travalion Hold was established and a small independent nation was formed. The modified Crest still represented the initial Council of 16 Ray's of Dawn. In commemoration of those who died taking the island. More than that the Sun was kept as it's what symbolizes that which gives life to the island and defeated the Sload long ago. The crest displays field of yellow to represent the field of grain. The red on the fields represents the lives of the people who without them their would be no Travalion hold. The waves represent the ocean and Travalion holds might of the sea and fishing. The cliffs to either side of the hart represent the protective cliffs that surround the island and the mining facilities of ore. The Golden Hart represents the true Hart of all Travalions. For they were no better than thieves and bandits before stepping foot on the Island. Once they defeated the evil Sload and saved the Maormer. Travalion found in his mercenaries the hart of hero's with harts of gold.

Inside the hart is a dagger. It was placed there as a symbol that many do not recognize. That symbol is of a god not known to any culture and is yet to be. To satisfy the crazy old Maormer shaman of the sea this symbol was added with the word Talos. The Shaman said, "One day a great Hero will rise and settle the mistake once and for all as a Divine. This Hero will be a child of Travalion. Will know without out knowing the words of Dragons. All will know that Mer and Men can be unified and a great evil will be defeated by a vestige of Talos as a mer." This began a worship on the island to the coming of a 9th Divine. Being such a reach of the rantings of some old Maormer soothsayer.

Guild Colors
Red is for the blood of the people of Travalion who's efforts makes the hold strong.
Yellow is for the Sun that rises and gives energy to the grain fields of Travalion Hold giving life and commerce to the Island country.
Gold on the Crest of the hold is the Hart of every Travalion.

To join a fun guild of Travalion Hold just message Vegabondgamer on PS4. The Guild is only what you make it.

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  • vegabondgamer
    Save all of Nirn!!!! Join Travalion Hold today and Nirn and all of Tamriel will be saved.
  • vegabondgamer
    Thank you one and all for contributing items to sell and the donations to help retain a guild trader. Your donations really help a lot with acquiring traders.

    As always be on the look out for other members to join our guild. Recruitment is an easy 10K put towards advancement for recruiting new members.
  • vegabondgamer
    We didn't win a trader this week. Must be causing a ruckus some guilds are getting desperate and are bidding way too high for low profile traders.

    Keep up the Good Work Travalion Hold. Those donations help and if everyone donated 5000 a week to the guild bank we would be able to get really good traders in really good locations. So please help with those bids.

    We got our first Justicar this week thanks to a very generous donation to the guild bank. I know that seems like a lot to ask for in order to purchase these ranks. It's only to insure that people promoting to the higher offices are really vested in the success of the guild. For that we Thank you.
  • vegabondgamer
    Thanks again this week with a good week of trading and with new people trading goods. Selling items in the store always helps with promotion. Donating to the guild directly also helps with getting traders and rewards you with decreasing the cost of the next rank promotion. Thanks to one and all for donating to the guild.

    Looking for people interested in arranging expeditions and adventures for other guild members to join.

    I myself will be planning a trip to the Maw of Lorkjaw. All are welcome on Monday to join me at 7pm MST.
  • vegabondgamer
    It's been a Great week and this week we got a guild trader in VVardenfell.

    Say welcome to the new guild members and remember recruiting does help you promote in the guild.

    Thank you one and all for helping Travalion Hold.
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