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Addon Discontinued & Outdated 2014

Hello everyone,

Here is, the best looking UI addon i've ever seen, sadly it's outdated since 2014.
i have no clues about LUA, excepted 2 or 3 things, which is not enough to update this.

Is there someone, with enough knowledge, to make an update for this one?
(i tried to contact the author, without succes)
  • starkerealm
    Yeah, I think @lyeos is gone. Their last login on ESOUI was three days ago, but their last activity on these boards was back in April 2014. If they are still around, they're probably not doing any addon work.

    At a quick glance, some of the stuff in that addon is specifically not supported by the game anymore. Including "peaking" at your target's cast bar, and resource pools. Back at launch, there were a lot of API functions you could get access to that were subsequently locked down.
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