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Summerset performance issues: Animation and Mechanics Glitching and Bugging

Good morning.
Since Summerset patch arrived, I have been experiencing several bugs and glitches concerning animation related to dungeon and trials mechanics.
Numerous other players have the same complaints.

For example, during the Earthgore Amalgam Fight in vet Bloodroot Forge, the lava the boss spawns is constantly disappearing after the first two damage ticks, making the fight way longer and difficult than intendend given the fact that the most dangerous mechanic is completely invisible.
Or yesterday night I was trying to do a veteran Asylum +1 score run with my guild and we couldn't see the boss' "Storms of Heavens" animation.
Several other players reported the same issue yesterday night and more concerning the Saint Felms the Bold animations.

Are you planning to also address these glitches and malfunctions with the incremental patch we're expecting this week?
Any ETA on when this problems will be solved?
Thank you

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