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(Spoiler) Do We Really Need The Tower Sentinels?

So it’s stated during the main quest that to get into The Crystal Tower you need two Sapiarchs that are attuned to the resolute diamonds, we all know how that turns out... But instead of trying to quicken the process of attuning them or making a deal with Daedric Princes, couldn’t we have just got the Skeleton Key from Divayth Fyr, which he is holding onto after the events in the Clockwork City and use that? Is this something that could work?

Also, I don’t think the magical protection of the Crystal Tower would be a problem for a few reasons,

1) It’s weakened a lot because of the Heart of Transparent Law being removed from it.

2) We know the Skeleton Key can be used on Sotha Sil based on what happens in the Clockwork City.

3) Proctor Luciana Pullo says this about the Skeleton Key “...some say it can unlock gates to other worlds, or even open metaphorical doors.”

What do others think though?
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  • AVaelham
    Using the Skeleton Key against its maker though? From what I understand, Daedric Artifacts are literally 'part' of the Daedric Prince so I don't think it would work. Nocturnal could just vanish the key from Nirn or something like that.
  • Prinseth
    I don’t think Nocturnal would be able to do that, and I don’t think we’ve ever even seen a Daedric Prince do that in a game before. I mean there have been instances where it would be extremely beneficial to them if they did like in Skyrim you corrupt Azura’s Star, (she doesn’t make it vanish even though she hates what you’re doing) and also the whole quest line in a Clockwork City Nocturnal is trying to get the Skeleton Key.

    But yeah they are a “part” of them so who really knows what the extent of their control over their artifacts are.
  • AVaelham
    Oh, fair enough. I didn't think of the part when Nocturnal tried to get a hold on it in Clockwork City..

    Well it could've been a rather cool way to deal with Noctunal at least, using his/her own artifact :lol:
  • AuldWolf
    Not just that, regarding artefacts, but also Sheogorath's fork/wabbajack in ESO, hircine's ring in Skyrim, and I'm sure there are others, too. Lots of instances of Daedric princes losing their artefacts.
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