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Active, Quality RP Guild - NA Server, PS4

I'm here on behalf of The Conservatory, a small but highly active roleplaying guild on the NA Server (PS4). We started not too long ago but have a committed group of players, seeking to flavor the world of Tamriel with immersive storytelling. But we don't just rp - we do a mix of both roleplay AND leveling activities (usually quests tied into roleplay so we can roleplay while we level), lorebook hunts, and skill shard hunts.

We are conglomerating into a central rp guild, but if you have no guild slots - no fear! We also do supplemental roleplay on BAND: click here to check us out.. You can join the BAND and mill about, but please note that entry into the guild IG is on an interview-like basis. This is to weed out trolls and ensure active, quality roleplayers are among us.

While "The Conservatory"'s basis started as a Bard's College RP (since there wasn't one IG), we have multiple primary homes dedicated to different avenues of roleplay. We also roleplay all around Tamriel on quests and taverns, in GROUP chats.

Current stories we've been working on to give you a sense of what we do IG and on BAND: Nocturnal worshippers, Daedric followers, Pirates, Bards, Hircine Hunters...and a budding orc stronghold! We've got it all, and are prepared to flourish more with your creativity aboard.

Feel free to PM me here, in game, or on band: bryn_hilde is my PS4 handle, as well.

Also feel free to post comments/questions here.
  • bryn_hilde

    A bump and an update:

    The Conservatory has decided to convert to a more open-ended role-playing guild. Not only do we house a Bards College, but all of our members have guild-open primaries to roleplay all your wildest fantasies: pirates, orc tribesman, thieves, assassins... whatever you want!

    Come see us. Song and Shadow RP
  • Eirikir
    Can I get an invite?
    Server: PS4-NA
    PSN: Eirikir
    Name: Eirikir "Erik" Kololf
    Alliance: Ebonheart Pact
    Race: Nord (Lycanthrope)
    Class: Dragonknight (Range DPS)
    Playstyle: Crafter, PVE, PVP, Roleplayer
  • bryn_hilde
    Hey @Eirikur ! We prefer you get a feel for us on our Band first. If you like it (there's a chat room there as well!) We will extend a guild invite.

    Hey, join our 'Song & Shadow - An ESO Role-Playing Guild' group on BAND - The app for groups and communities!
  • bryn_hilde
    Song and Shadow is still alive and kicking!'

    Hey, join our 'Song & Shadow - An ESO Role-Playing Guild' group on BAND - The app for groups and communities!

    We have a variety of cool storylines to jump into:
    • Summerset Pirates
    • Orc Stronghold
    • Bard's College
    • Mercenary Company
    • Bordello
    • Dark Brotherhood
    • High Society Vampires
    • And whatever you can think of!
  • bloodthirstyvampire
    bryn_hilde wrote: »
    Song and Shadow is still alive and kicking!'
    High Society Vampires

    Is it like a watered down version of me
    Edited by bloodthirstyvampire on June 19, 2018 5:46PM
    Self-proclaimed Vampire Lord, or in this case, Blood Sion. º,...,º
  • bryn_hilde
    @bloodthirstyvampire , I'm sure you'd fit right in (unintended Morrowind quote). We have vampires of all alignments, and they interact with one another at a primary location (one of our guild members' Alinor Townhouse primary) on "neutral ground."

    They are going to soon have a slave auction for feeding bags. Literally, other characters will be auctioned off as food sources for these thirsty vamps. It's a fun and crazy ride.

    If you're interested, let me know and we can get you on our BAND page where you can read stories.

    We roleplay both on BAND and IG. But we also hang out out-of-character, too:
  • DeathComesxx
    Soul Shriven
    Is this guild still active?
    Order of The Mislead
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