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unable to download summerset after entering pre-order code

Soul Shriven
I entered my pre-ordered code on my playstation account but I used my computer because I was not home.But when I got home I logged-in the game got my free stuff from the pre-order but not the summerset. I tried entering the code in my PS4 and of course it said that I already redeemed it but the screen for my ESO is still saying that I need to buy the upgrade for summerset. I already deleted my game and re-downloaded ESO.

This is really frustrating. It takes forever for someone to get a response from support. I never had any issues from support before I usually get a response within the end of day but not this time around. I was skeptical to buy the dlc but now that I bought it and have issues likes this makes me regret even trying to continue playing this broken game.
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