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All Female guild-Meridia's Maidens is recruiting

We are an active all female guild with members of all different levels and experience. We help eachother with the game and have an active discord as well. There are events frequently and we run dungeons and trials as well. We especially need female tanks for trials but all ladies are welcome! Please join our facebook page snd ask for an invite there.
  • keyagi
    Soul Shriven
    Hey! I am a +500cp main temp healer n I got other characters as well including a tank that I’m working on. Also have a Mag NB dps. Looking to run trials n dungeons. I like my achievements lol! Add PSN keyagi
  • DoctorESO
    So Darien Gautier can't join? :D
  • VikingBerserker
    Can I join if I identify as female?
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