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THE ISLAND ØF MISFITS is currently accepting refugees.

THE ISLAND ØF MISFITS is currently accepting refugees. We are a freshly formed guild created by seasoned veterans of the game who can help you achieve end game greatness. We have a passionate group of players with plenty of knowledge in the field of Trials, builds and rotations. We organize Vet and normal trial runs several times a week and offer progression groups for those interested in conquering the hardest content in the game.
Besides trials we also do group dungeons, dailies, PVP groups, build seminars, skyshard and lorebook hunts, World Boss runs, group fishing, zone clearing and more.

GOLD: To help our members grow their bank accounts we offer traders whenever funds afford us the luxury.

NO FEES. Our guild is and will always be a tax-free guild. we are 100% funded by generous donations of members, raffles and auctions.

We have our own active DISCORD server which we use to socialize, teach and organize guild events.
We pride ourselves in being a diverse guild and aim to offer a variety of activities for every style of gameplay. If you would like passage to the ISLAND mail an invite request in game to BoRajwa
Edited by volkeswagon on June 29, 2018 8:50AM
  • akb176
    My PSN id is Animefiend176. I would like to join.
    This player is a highly reclusive female who may run screaming away from any attempt to interact with her. Please try not to take it personally. As she is also fairly terrible at RPGs despite massive love for them, you're probably better off.
  • volkeswagon
    Invite sent Animefiend. Trader in Ebonheart this week
  • jroz0
    PSN: Biceptacon

    If you still have free spaces can i please get an invite.
  • volkeswagon
    Yes, hopefully in the next day or two I will send an invite
    Edited by volkeswagon on June 1, 2018 1:10AM
  • Ruthven
    Hey there volkeswagon,

    I've been playing for years but have never joined a guild before. I'm a very casual player who is looking for a great bunch of people to play with but I cannot commit a significant amount of time regularly. I play when I can and sometimes that's a crazy amount, sometimes it's not for weeks. I don't know the ins and outs of a guild but am willing to learn and help out where I can.

    If you guys are cool with that kind of player, I would love to join your guild. It sounds like you are all well organized and do some pretty cool things (the lore book and shards hunt really caught my eye.. very cool!)

    PSN: Ruthven_RS
    Edited by Ruthven on June 2, 2018 1:42PM
  • volkeswagon
    We do the Lorebook and skyshards hunts often. Will send you an invite when I can
  • keyagi
    Soul Shriven
    Hey if you still have space add PSN Keyagi. +500cp main temp healer, got other characters too. I play everyday! I have discord so no problems with communication. Hopefully your guild is fine with having a female in xD. Thank you for your time!
  • volkeswagon
    You are definitely welcome on the island. We have many female members. We will send you an invite
    Edited by volkeswagon on June 6, 2018 2:51AM
  • tyjeon19
    Could i get a invite please - PSN - tyjeon19
  • alleycat22469
    PSN Alleycat22469
  • KrypticFuture
    Could I get an invite please, very active player.
    Psn KrypticFuture
  • volkeswagon
    Invites sent to everyone above
  • cjhhickman39
    Always have loved the islands, due to real life I only play during the day est but would like a chance to be helpful: PSN CJ3955H
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