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No one is able to complete Wayrest Sewers 2 (Dungeon)!

Am I the only one in this situation?

I can't get past the first door! There are NPCs in the circular area, but not the main NPC ("No Second Chances" dungeon quest)!

It's practically impossible!


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  • Apache_Kid
    This has been a bug for a long time. It has been mentioned on here before by myself and many others. Sometimes the cut-scene will never proc and the whole group is stuck there.

    I've been asking for a long time for them to not release a DLC one quarter and go through and re-work all of the broken old content. It's the only way they will have the time on their plate to be able to go back and fix all of these persistent issues that have been occurring for over a year.
  • Smithsern
    Soul Shriven
    Same here. For some time now I can't do the quest there.
  • vgabor
    happened just today, 2 times in a row. seriously ZOS, why the hell you're releasing new content if the old ones are full of bugs? fix those first.
  • Shadowshire
    vgabor wrote: »
    happened just today, 2 times in a row. seriously ZOS, why the hell you're releasing new content if the old ones are full of bugs? fix those first.
    In my own experience with developing software, the most frequent cause of bugs is haste, and not having enough time to test the source code output, then to correct any evident errors. All software development projects have deadlines and budget limitations. This is referred to as "time and goal pressure" (stress). Successfully developing software "on time and within budget" which produces correct ouput from correct input is mostly a matter of whether those two goals are realistic under the circumstances in which the software is designed and then implemented. Regardless, ultimately, you don't know until you try.

    Evidently, the ZOS developers do not have enough time to produce software that has relatively few bugs. They're always focused on meeting the deadlines in the financial plan to release one DLC for each of three calendar quarters, and an expansion Chapter during the other quarter, once per year.

    Evidently, the ZOS developers must be primarily focused on developing and releasing new content because selling new content is probably the most significant source of revenue and profit. It also refreshes and sustains revenue from the Crown Store. IMHO, if ZOS had not made TESO "free to play" and continued to require a monthly subscription, then they would have more revenue to support development. Why they made that decision is for them to justify.

    Aside from that, there is an inherent risk of bugs in repeatedly (1) integrating DLCs and Chapters into the original software qua the Base Game, and (2) making significant changes to, and adding new features to, the Base Game per se (an Update). The risk is especially high because ZOS always attempts to do both of those things at the same time, with the same Patch. As a conjecture, the reason for doing both simultaneously is to reduce the cost of distributing the software.

    Make of all that what you will, but, in my honest opinion, that is pretty much why we see what we get.

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  • Jerkling
    i never had this door not open. what i keep seeing is ppl getting stuck in the top middle room because they are unable to use the door because they are still in combat for some reason. just like with the infamous door in VoM after the Titan fight.
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  • MotoVexGT
    Soul Shriven
    It stuck for me for a long time. I kept abandoning the re-grabbing the quest on the next attempt. Eventually it just worked for me.
  • Integral1900
    This dungeon was bugged as long as I remember, basicaly every set of doors either refuses to open or keeps you in combat status with a boss that’s already dead so you can’t open it

    The only way to open that door in my experience is to carefully kill all the trash so that the dozey npc doesn’t get held up
  • Pyr0xyrecuprotite
    you did kill all the trash mobs on the way to as well as inside the circular room, right?
  • Jim_Pipp
    Bump. Just had a pug group get stuck on this again.
    #1 tip (Re)check your graphics settings periodically - especially resolution.
  • Chuaznega
    I had this issue recently too.
  • maboleth
    you did kill all the trash mobs on the way to as well as inside the circular room, right?

    I agree with this. In some dungeons you have to kill ALL trash mobs in order to progress. White gold tower is another example, especially in the beginning when people forget to kill the mobs in the other part of the land.
  • mairwen85
    Just had this 2x in a row. Doors in dungeons = constant source of frustration. There must be a better mechanic than an event trigger plus collision barrier.
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